Meet the ferris family

The Ferris family is made up of Madison Mucci-Ferris, our Residential Community Director (RCD), her husband Jonathan Ferris, and their dog Ferris Ferris (an adopted pup that was already named Ferris before he even joined the family -- crazy coincidence!). They live on the first floor of Boaz and love to have Boazies over for dinner, soup nights, and game nights. They can be seen at almost every Boaz event, cheering on Boaz in the Commons Cup, passing out orange slices and gatorade to Boazies at Intramural games, and sharing leftovers in the Boaz family room. In addition to loving Boaz and all of the people in it, the Ferris Family loves to run, cook, and try new places to eat! They love going to grab lunch (or dinner, a late-night snack, coffee...any food, really) with the Boaz residents, so if you have a new place to try or need someone to sit with at lunch--let them know! 

As the RCD for Boaz Commons, Madison works full-time on the administrative side of keeping Boaz running. She coordinates with facilities, housing operations, and other campus offices to make sure Boaz has the best of the best! Madison also works with the Boaz Leadership Team to put on many of Boaz's amazing traditions, advises the Boaz Commons Council, adjudicates conduct cases for the building, supervises the RA staff, and is a general problem-solver for the Boaz community. Some people might even say that keeping Boaz from going hungry is in the RCD job description. Madison is always working to make Boaz better, so make sure to let her know if you see an area of improvement!

Jonathan also works at SMU as an Enrollment Services Specialist for the Registrar's Office (and he loves to help Boazies with registrar questions or connecting to different people in that office). As a part of the Boaz family and leadership team, Jonathan makes sure the coffee is perfect every Wake Up Wednesday and is always behind the scenes making sure Boaz has everything it needs. Jonathan is a huge support to Boaz, the grillmaster for Boaz BBQs, and a fierce competitor in Boaz's NCAA bracket challenge. Although he claims the introvert life, he loves getting to know the students living upstairs and is a key component behind the delicious food that comes out of the Ferris kitchen. 

Madison Mucci-Ferris

Hometown: Nolensville, TN

Degrees: B.S. in Organizational Communication, M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration

#1 Boaz Moment: winning the commons cup (three times)!

Passions: bread, family, college students  

Favorite Tradition: Soup Night


Jonathan Ferris

Hometown: Nolensville, TN 

Boaz Fave: Boaz Brinner

Teams: Nashville Predators, Atlanta Braves

Favorite Things: sports, reading, brunch, Madison*

Biggest Accomplishment: Being the first one to the living room when Heidi sends an email saying she is putting out a late-night treat!

*Madison may or may not have written this section.



Hometown: Dallas, TX

Passions: vegetables, other dogs, David Son, walks, snuggling, Boaz 

Favorite Thing About Boaz: When residents drop food on the ground or take me on walks 

Fears: Everything! Heights, new people, water bottles...I'm a mess! I was rescued from a bad situation and now I get more nervous than usual, but with a little patience (and a walk or a treat) I will be your best friend for life! 


The Ferrises are a first-rate RCD Family! Wednesday is the only day I get breakfast before class because Madison and Jonathan always have good food ready.
— Evan S.

Traditions by the ferris family

Wake up Wednesday

Soup night

Where: Madison + Jonathan's apartment
When: Typically from 6-8 on a Tuesday
How Often: once a semester

Where: Boaz's Lobby
When: Wednesdays from 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
How Often: Weekly

Every Wake Up Wednesday (WUW), Madison and Jonathan whip up a homemade meal and serve it in the lobby as everyone heads to early morning classes. WUW started because Jonathan and Madison wanted to share their love of cooking (and Jonathan wanted to share his love of breakfast) with the Boaz community. Plus, serving breakfast to their favorite students is a great chance for Jonathan to see everyone before he has to go to work! Some favorite breakfast items from Wake Up Wednesday are green chili egg casserole, cinnamon coffee cake, biscuits and gravy, waffle bar, pancakes and bacon, and, of course, COFFEE! Sometimes they even take requests! You can swing by and grab a to-go container or stay and chat about your upcoming tests and weekend plans--whatever you need for the week!

Soup Nights are a chance for Madison to bring one of her own family traditions to Boaz! Madison's mom used to make big batches of soup and homemade bread as soon as the season changed and the temperatures dropped. So, when the Dallas heat finally let in a breeze, a new Boaz tradition was born! Jonathan and Madison make LOTS of giant pots of soup (something for everyone) and TONS of bread loaves, and they open their home to all of the Boazies and their friends for a night of good food and good stories. Students pile around the kitchen table and squeeze onto the couch to share a meal together. Sometimes a game of Catch Phrase breaks out and sometimes somebody will mix a few different types of soup together. One thing is for certain, no matter how many soup pots they fill, they ALWAYS run out of soup by the end of the night.