We have four Peer Leaders that are dedicated and enthusiastic about leading Boazies to success. They are students, just like you, available to help with registering for classes, finding fellow honors students, connecting with a tutor in a tough subject, having a difficult conversation, making healthy choices in the college transition, and so much more! Stop and talk to one of these amazing leaders to find out what resources they would love to share with you! 

Rhys Zimmerman |
Peer Academic Leader (PAL) 

Hometown: Richardson, Texas

Major: Marketing

Passion: animal rights

Hidden Talents: baking delicious cookies

Favorite Boaz Event: Wake Up Wednesday

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Laura Bell |
Peer Health Educator (PHE)

Hometown: Indialantic, Florida

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Fave Boaz Moment: playing Boaz intramurals 

Skills: Puns, Instagram captions, world traveling 

Wake Up Wednesday Favorite: bagels

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Hayley Schindler |
Peer Dialogue Leader (PDL)

Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky

Major: Marketing 

Known For: being a professional SMU basketball fan

Hidden Talents: Snapchat, talking to Peruna

Favorite Sonday Night Snack: Fruit Dip

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Carter Koehler |
Honors Mentor

Hometown: Lindale, Texas

Major: Computer Science + Mathematics 

Favorite Things: reading, off-beat electronic music

Favorite Place in Boaz: Classroom--doing schoolwork or playing Dungeons and Dragons

Wake Up Wednesday Favorite: pancakes

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