What is a boazie? 

A Boazie is a name for someone in the Boaz family! If you live in Boaz or have lived in Boaz in the past, we consider you a Boazie! Boaz residents, Boaz Affiliates (our name for students who used to live in Boaz before moving off campus--Boaz Affiliates still come back for traditions and to hang out in Boaz), and even Boaz Alumni make up the Boazies we know and love. Being a Boazie means you love the Boaz community and work to embody the Boaz values. Once a Boazie, always a Boazie! 

What is my first semester at Boaz going to be like?

Your first semester at Boaz is a whirlwind of experiences that will help set you up for the rest of your time at Boaz and at SMU. Move-In Day, Stampede, your first All-Boaz Photo, Convocation, your Boaz pinning ceremony, meeting your floor, Korean BBQ, Soup Night...and so much more! You will meet your neighbors on Move-In Day and they will quickly become your friends. Before long you will be calling those Boazies your family! We can't wait. 

What will my room look like + What should I bring?

We have a whole page just to help answer that question!! Check out our Living in Boaz page for pictures, measurements, and information around your new Boaz room! Remember that each room in Boaz looks slightly different, so if you’re planning anything with exact measurements it is better to wait until Move In Day to make sure you know what your specific room looks like before you order those items. This page also has helpful information to make sure all of your room items are in compliance with the fire safety codes at SMU and from our local Fire Marshal.

What will move-in day look like? 

SMU Move-In Day is filled with new and exciting experiences. It can be an emotion-filled day (for everyone), so we do our best to help make it is a stress-free as possible! On Thursday, August 22nd we have lots of volunteers to welcome you to SMU and giant carts to carry in all of your belongings. Check out the maps below for information on navigating your way to campus for Move-In Day (the traffic patterns are different because of how many people will be on campus unloading, so using this map is better than a GPS). You can also see the Boaz Unloading Plan and the various resources that will be located near Boaz for Move-In! You can pick up a printed copy of these maps during your AARO Resource Expo! 


What do boazies wish they had known?

We asked our current Boaz students this question and here is what they said:

  • Don't be afraid to use the main Boaz family room or living rooms on your floor. You would be surprised how many people you'll meet!

  • Try and meet as many fellow Boaz residents as possible!

  • Bring a cheap pair of flip flops as shower shoes. This seems basic, but it is a necessity.

  • Make sure all of your toiletries are relatively small (no Sam's Club Jumbo sizes) as you will be carrying them to the bathroom and back every day!

  • Nobody outside of Boaz will understand why you love your small room in Boaz, but they don't get to experience how much you feel a part of a family while living here.

  • Lofting at the highest level may seem like a good idea coming in (saving space and everything), but it can sometimes be a pain to climb into every night. (Or getting back into bed after shutting your alarm off on a weekend). Moderation is key.

  • LOFT YOUR BED! Even if you don't think you want to, trust me, do it.

  • There is a reason that you were randomly put in Boaz. You will realize it sooner or later.

  • Take the time to get to know the Son family and the Ferris family. They really, truly care about every student in Boaz and hope to make sure everyone in Boaz feels at home.

  • You can't leave toiletries in the bathroom overnight--they'll get thrown away by the cleaning people when you least expect it!

  • Put a sign on your door reminding you to take your key with you! You don't want to accidentally get locked out--especially if you're in a towel and on the way to the shower!

  • Bring lots of pictures and tape! It's an easy and damage-free way to decorate your room and make it feel more at home!

  • Bring a mirror, even if you don't think you'll us it much (yes even you, boys)! There are so many times when I needed a mirror for something and I didn't want to walk all the way to the restroom!

  • Parking behind Boaz during the weekdays (even on holidays) will result in a ticket!

  • Get to know the Sons and they will feed you forever.

  • Bring a small toolbox, a nice robe, and anything with multiple uses (example: a footstool with storage)!

  • A rug is a fun way to brighten up the room, but make sure you get one that is easy to vacuum! The shag rugs get really gross and are hard to vacuum!

  • Bring a long surge protector (make sure it is fire-safety approved - it’s easy to tell by getting one with an on/off switch) so you can be lazy and charge everything without leaving your bed! I zip-tie mine to the bedpost!

Where do I connect with other Boazies?

When you show up on Boaz's steps there will be a whole team of people waiting to meet you, and Welcome Week will kick off with food-filled opportunities to meet your new Boaz family. Your Boaz Big will reach out to you before you arrive to help with any questions you might have before you get here! There are so many opportunities to get involved--Boaz Commons Council, attending Boaz traditions, service projects, group outings, family room hangout sessions, and more--and if you feel like you need help getting connected the Boaz Leadership Team is here to help! For now you can check us out on Facebook, Instagram, or send us an email (just click the links below)!  

What if I have another question or a problem? 

Once you arrive, the Boaz Leadership Team (BLT) is here to help with questions, problems, and making your transition to the Boaz community as smooth as possible. Check out the leadership page to meet them! If you have a question about Boaz Commons before you arrive, please contact Residential Community Director Madison Mucci-Ferris:

  • Email: mferris@smu.edu

  • Physical Office: Boaz 129

  • Office Phone: 214-768-2249*

  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
    *Occasionally I am in other areas of campus meeting with students or advocating for our community and will not answer my office phone. If that is the case, please leave a message with your name, phone number, and a brief message and I will call you back. You can also send me an email and I will follow up with you as soon as possible.

The Residence Life & Student Housing office is located in Boaz Hall at the corner of Bishop Boulevard and Binkley Avenue. The entrance to their office is off of Bishop Boulevard.

  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

  • Email: housing@smu.edu

  • Phone: 214-768-2407

  • Mailing Address: Residence Life & Student Housing Southern Methodist University PO Box 750215 Dallas, TX 75275-0215