Your room in boaz

Room Measurements

Room Features

Every room in Boaz is different, so we highly recommend you wait to buy anything that requires specific measurements until you see your room! These should help give you a general idea though!

Dresser | 30” tall, 29.5” wide, 2’ deep

Desk | 30” tall, 28” wide, 4’ deep

Closet | 55” tall, 83” wide, 28” deep (this varies greatly)

Closet Rod | 66” from the rod to the floor

Window | 42.5" wide, 53.5" tall, 29.5" from the ground

Bed | 80" long (XL Twin)

Single Room | 82” wide, 196” long (this varies greatly)

Double Room | 138” wide, 135” long excluding closet area

Room Height | 95” floor-to-ceiling (varies by floor)

Range of square footage | 196 for double, 100 for single

  • Double occupancy rooms, with some single rooms

  • Community style bathrooms

  • Movable furniture

  • Cable TV available in rooms

Other Features

  • Free Laundry on the first floor

  • Kitchenette on the first floor

  • Foosball table, Ping-Pong table, Pool table

  • Community Nintendo Switch, XBOX, and Pacman Machine

  • Cable TV's on every floor

  • Ice machine

  • Beverage and snack vending machine

  • Four floors with one elevator, and three stairwells

  • Floor lounges for study


Click through the pictures below to see some Boaz rooms from Move-In Day last year!