Meet the son family

The Son family is made up of Dr. David Son, our Faculty-in-Residence (FiR), his wife Heidi, and his two children Geoffrey and Kaylee. They have served as the FiR family for Boaz Commons since 2014 and live on the first floor. David and Heidi love to make Boaz a home for each of the residents living here and hope that Boazies will consider Boaz a home-base for the rest of their lives. Once a Boazie, ALWAYS a Boazie! The Sons are known for opening up their home to the Boaz community and sending everyone home with a plate (or plates) of leftovers. They love to host people around their dinner table, on their front patio, or even in Boaz's family room at Sonday Night Snacks. It won't take long before you have a favorite Heidi snack! You will also see the Son family at many campus events armed with their camera and looking for Boazies, so if you have a music recital, dance performance, tennis match, or anything else you'd like your Boaz family to support you at--make sure to let them know! When the Sons aren't cheering on Boaz students or coming up with exciting new events for Boaz, you can find them jogging around campus Sunday mornings, feeding a group of SMU squirrels in the evenings, or taking walks around campus. 

As the FiR for Boaz Commons, David focuses on the Boaz community and encouraging growth in the students who live here. He works with the Boaz RA staff, develops and puts together many of Boaz's traditions, advocates for Boaz in the SMU community, meets with students to check in, tutors Boazies in all things chemistry (and sometimes even general life lessons), and ensures that our Boaz home is treated with respect. David is a full-time faculty member for SMU's Department of Chemistry, but he still manages to make time for each and every Boaz resident throughout the year. He shares his life and his family with the Boaz community and sets an example for all of the people who live in Boaz.

Heidi often calls herself the "FiR Mom" and spends a lot of her time taking care of the Boaz community. Heidi is a key component of the FiR Team and is often seen hauling in large amounts of groceries for the many dinners and snacks she makes for students. Heidi takes students for lunch or coffee, makes some of the best desserts in the world, and is extremely intentional about getting to know every Boaz resident. She takes pictures at almost every Boaz event and is constantly coming up with new ideas to try out in the Boaz community. Heidi is cited as some students favorite part about living in Boaz--she has cooked soup for sick students, made 100% gluten free meals for students with allergies, written notes to Boazies having a tough week, and so much more to make sure everyone feels at home. 

David Son

Hometown: Skokie, Illinois

Degrees: B.S. in Chemistry, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry

Boaz Favorite: talking to people at Sonday Night Snacks

Passions: photography, watching sports, running, Chicago Cubs

Favorite Sonday Night Snack: Lemon Cake


Heidi Son

Hometown: Loma Linda, California 

Boazie Stats: Team FIR since 2014! 

Favorite Things: family, planning trips, Korean dramas 

Boaz Goal: Making Boaz a home for ALL Boazies

Favorite Boaz Event: Move-in Day and getting to meet the newest Boaz family members!


Geoffrey Son

Hometown: Dallas, Texas 

Favorite Subject: Mathematics

Dream Job: Engineer/Architect 

Passions: Gardening, cooking, the Internet

Favorite Boaz Event: Son-day Night Snacks

Favorite Boaz Treat: Raspberry Bars


Kaylee SOn

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Favorite Subject: Art

Passions: Art, volleyball, Ferris, friends, family

Dream Job: Something involving medicine

Favorite Boaz Moment: Top 3 Son-day Night Snacks Reveal

Favorite Boaz Treat: Raspberry Bars

The Son family is the cutest, sweetest family I have ever met. They are so kind and inclusive to everyone in the building, and go out of their way on a daily basis to make sure everyone’s Boaz experience is exceptional.
— Caitlin K.

Traditions By the son family

Sonday night snacks

Where: Boaz Living Room
When: Sunday at 8PM
How Often: Weekly

Sonday Night Snacks (SNS) happens every Sunday night in the Boaz living room when David and Heidi set up a table filled with a special treat or two for the week. SNS started in 2014 when the Sons were searching for a way to connect with the Boaz community weekly. Plus, how could they skip on the opportunity for both alliteration AND a pun in the tradition's name!?  Every week they serve up a treat (often made by Heidi, but sometimes Geoffrey will help or Boazies will come by and join the baking world in Heidi's kitchen) and everyone hangs out in the lobby to enjoy the snack and catch up with friends. Even Boazies that have moved out come back for this sweet tradition! There's a big debate on the best snack, but some favorites include sopapilla cheesecake, fruit dip, and lemon cake! If you want to strike up a conversation with a Boazie, just ask them their favorite Sonday Night Snack! 

weekly dinners

Where: Sons' Apartment
When: Dinnertime! 
How Often: Weekly, by invitation only

Weekly Dinners at the Son's house started as an opportunity for David and Heidi to connect with Boazies in a small group setting. That chance to share a meal with every Boaz resident has turned weekly dinners into a tradition that happens throughout the school year. The Son family takes the time to invite EVERY SINGLE BOAZ RESIDENT to their dinner table over the course of the year to share a meal and good conversation (if that isn't encouragement enough to check your email every week, we don't know what is!). Each week about six students will step into their home for a home-cooked meal and they will often step out of the home with a to-go plate! The dinners often happen on Wednesday nights, but the Sons work to make sure everyone has the opportunity to join in on dinner--even if that means dinner happens earlier, later, or a different night of the week! 

Korean bbq

Where: Boaz's Classroom
When: Typically 6PM on a Sunday
How Often: Once a year!

Every year Boaz students count down the days until the annual Boaz Korean BBQ--an event that involves delicious food and the entire Boaz family coming together! David and Heidi share a bit of their Korean culture by serving up delicious Korean food. They started the Korean BBQ tradition as an opportunity to share a bit of their family with the Boaz community, and it was an immediate hit! Current Boaz residents, Boaz Affiliates, and even Boaz Alumni will line up from the classroom to the lobby to grab a delicious plate filled to the brim. Sometimes the food is catered from one of Heidi's favorite places and sometimes we use the Boaz grill to make some of the food. It's an opportunity for some Boazies to try something new, for David and Heidi to share some of their favorite Korean food, and for everyone to hang out and enjoy a meal together as one big Boaz family! 

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