We have one incredible Faculty Affiliate (FA) for Boaz Commons. He is a faculty member at SMU and enjoys spending some of his free time with Boaz residents. Although he doesn't live in Boaz like our Faculty-in-Residence, he joins in on Boaz activities as often as he can and loves talking to Boaz residents about classes, life, and whatever else comes up! Sometimes our FA will even plan programs, cook for Sonday Night Snacks, or share one of his passions with the Boaz family. When you see our FA at Boaz, make sure to introduce yourself and say hello! 

Brian Fennig.jpg


Hometown: Dallas, TX

Job at SMU: Senior Lecturer for the Wellness Department

Passions: listening to and creating music, soccer

Favorite Sonday Night Snack:  honey-zuchinni-cornbread donuts

Favorite Part about Boaz: Students! And food!