Welcome to the best commons

(even though we love all eleven of them)

the commons system

  • The Commons System at SMU was established in 2014.

  • This system is based off of the Oxford University Residential College System which has been established for nearly 1,000 years.

  • This system of residential learning aims to build a community among students of all ages (freshman through graduate students can live in the commons) and faculty by providing a place to connect, learn, and grow.

  • The Commons serves as a central hub, a "home base" to connect with other students to explore clubs, study groups, intramurals, and more.

  • There is a special connection between residents that cannot be found elsewhere. Imagine that your commons is like your ‘House’ in your very own Hogwarts.

  • Each commons has its own crest, motto, feasts, and traditions.

  • The Commons System is supported by the Housing Unification Board or “HUB”. It facilitates leadership opportunities and advocates for students living on campus, as well as, provides a bit of healthy competition through the Commons Cup.

  • Students are elected and appointed to serve their commons through their individual Commons Council.


the commons cup

Aside from being a stunning trophy, what is the Commons Cup? If you’ve ever read any of the books in the Harry Potter series, it’s a lot like the House Cup.  Over the course of the year, each commons participates in various events and competitions which are worth points. Then, at the end of the year, The HUB tallies up the points and the winning commons is presented with the Commons Cup! 

2018-2019 CommonS Cup

When you move into Boaz this year, keep your eyes peeled for our beautiful piece of hardware decorating the foyer. Boaz Commons is known for making a strong showing in the competition every year and we have walked away with the Commons Cup for THREE YEARS IN A ROW. We won the cup in 2016-2017, 2017-2018, and in 2018-2019. We are the only Commons that has won the cup more than once.